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eBay Motors: Short spots, all foley

Mon, 17 Aug 2015

Here's a series of short spots for eBay Motors I sound designed for local agency Digitas. This is one of those stories where the audio captured on set wasn't usable, they thought they were going to roll with music only, then decided sound design would be better. So I jumped in the booth with a socket wrench and took a chair apart in front of the microphone. My client asked me if I was able to put the chair back together after the recording and I said "Why? Do you need the sound of someone building a chair for a different spot? Eh, I'll just leave the parts here until we do." Check out the other spot in this series: Bottle Opener

Thrill Factor: Recording Kari Byron & Tori Belleci

Wed, 12 Aug 2015

Kari and Tory from Mythbusters are back on TV with this "thrilling" look at the science behind thrill rides and roller-coasters. They both came in to One Union for a few days each to record the voiceover narration for the season, which premiers August 12th on the Travel Channel! Watch a sneak preview of one episode below, and just listen to the quality of those voiceovers! Fun fact: I first worked with Tori in 2011 on a 48 Hour Film Race submission called "Button Man."

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

Tue, 14 Jul 2015

It was an honor to work with director Torsten Hoffman on this hour long documentary exploring the nature and history of money, and how Bitcoin fits into the world of modern finance. As an enthusiast, I am always seeking out Bitcoin-related projects that need audio work, and this film has been on my radar since their Kickstarter was funded last year. If you've never given any thought to where our money comes from, what it's real value is, or who decides what it's worth, this is a good premier for you. If you've heard about Bitcoin but don't "get the point of it," this documentary will illustrate how much something like Bitcoin is needed today! Featuring interviews with a ton of the greatest minds in the space, this film has been highly anticipated in the community.

The film is already screening at film festivals around the world, picking up laurels and recognition. Learn more at the film's website: You can watch the trailer below, or click the "purchase" button to watch the full program on Vimeo. You can also buy the movie with Bitcoin! Click here to buy with Bitcoin on

Heroes Charge: Augmented reality spots with sound design

Wed, 01 Jul 2015

I designed the sound and mix for this trio of funny, fantastic spots for Caruso Company and their client, uCool. They have a very amusing concept of "The man on the street" combined with over-the-top special effects that mimic the excitement of the game. These are actual real people in the ads, walking by the mystery control-box that triggers epic magical attacks on the streets of San Francisco and Oakland! I still don't know how they got such great reactions from these people... maybe the lightning and ice-meteors aren't CG effects after all!
Watch the "Lightning Master" spot below, and check out the other two equally cool spots: "Ice Mage," and "Admiral."

Workday: What's left to cut? TV

Sun, 14 Jun 2015

This hilarious piece was put together by Agency 215 McCann in San Francisco. It's heavy on special-effects and visual-effects, well timed and very well planned out. We recorded multiple versions of voice over until we had the perfect sequence. A broad base of sound design was provided, but we still added more during the mix. And yes, that is a Wilhelm scream! There is a lot going on in each scene and the effort was to keep the voiceover afloat during the comedy chaos in the video. We also cut down the spot into :30 and :15 versions.

MINI: The Beigeman

Tue, 12 May 2015

As a MINI driver myself (2011 Countryman), it was fun to work with their agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners on this fully computer animated promotional spot. Sound design was key without any location recording, and we had a library of the actual MINI engines, sorted by model, to work with. We added extra sound design to finish off the story and, of course, to complete the joke about the "boring" Beigeman.

11 Life Lessons from an Awesome Old Dyke: a charming, short documentary

Fri, 24 Apr 2015

I met writer/director Allison Khoury at One Union Recording Studios producing ads, and I was proud to join her team on her first film project. The story of her dear departed friend is charming and funny and illustrates the struggle of minority gender rights over the past three or four decades. The film is composed of old interview footage, relevant stock footage and voice over. I recorded Allison reading her script and together we sweetened the archival footage and added some cute sound effects. Look for this film at Frameline 39 - San Francisco's international LGBT film festival. Enjoy the trailer below, and follow the movie at their official website:

Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson

Thu, 23 Apr 2015

After a few years of enthusiasm, obsession and participation in the Bitcoin network and community, I finally had the opportunity to work on an animated introduction video about the topic! I produced the sound design for the video and also composed and performed some heart-warming acoustic guitar music to play in to and out of the piece. It's an important history lesson about how the digital currency was born. I would normally accept Bitcoin as compensation for this kind of work but in this case, ironically, it is not how we settled.

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