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Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson

Thu, 23 Apr 2015

After a few years of enthusiasm, obsession and participation in the Bitcoin network and community, I finally had the opportunity to work on an animated introduction video about the topic! I produced the sound design for the video and also composed and performed some heart-warming acoustic guitar music to play in to and out of the piece.

EA Battlefield Hardline: Bank Heist 360º Video Experience!

Mon, 16 Mar 2015

You've got to see this! San Francisco agency FCB is making advertising history with this innovate video experience to promote EA's new release Battlefield: Hardline. This short film is about a bank heist, shot in a first-person perspective, from the point of view of the bag of money! What makes it truly amazing, however, is the ability of the user to pan around the environment in 360º as the video plays. We put in more than a few late nights on this one, conforming music splits and sound design to get the most impact from the edit. Some additional sound design was added, but this was mainly an edit and mix job.
Click here to experience the amazing 360º video!
Or watch the "linear" version below:

Cord Blood Registry: Adorable, animated stem cells

Thu, 12 Feb 2015

With San Francisco production company TEAK, I mixed these two videos for an unusual company. CBR stores stem cells from newborn infants for future medical use. They decided to explain their business with a pair of cute, cartoony videos with equally cute sound design. Many of the sounds were placed by the editors, but we still added quite a bit in our session together. We also recorded voice talent Brett Pels and finished the mix! Watch the basics about umbilical cord blood below, or learn more about the CBR process with the second video we mixed.

LegalZoom: We got your back

Fri, 23 Jan 2015

A touching, emotional journey through the things in our life that require legal assistance. I recorded SF voiceover actor Gavin Hammon and worked with creative writer Matt Ashworth. Some light sound design here, and a VO/music broadcast mix.

The Sims 4: You Rule!

Tue, 09 Dec 2014

I worked with SF agency FCB on their second full campaign for The Sims 4, this time targeting a new audience of players that were unfamiliar with the franchise. The clever effects driven spot was shot and finished in Australia, while we worked on the music edit and sound effects here in SF. The music is an interesting composition with noisy beats and band of light-hearted theremins magically floating around. I used a hybrid timeline in protools with seconds/frames for sound effect placement, and bars/beats for the music edits. This way I was able to throw parts around quickly and remix the music stems to match our video better. Sound design was intentionally subtle and gets more magical and abstract as the picture moves forward.

Ooma: Puppy Love

Thu, 04 Dec 2014

SF agency Muh Tay Zik Hof Fer is pretty great at the goofy, somewhat awkward humor. I was happy to work with them on a handful of TV spots featuring a talking Ooma device and "her" adventures...

Dragon Age: Inquisition - So epic.

Wed, 05 Nov 2014

I am incredibly proud of this series of videos. I spent over 2 months working with SF agency FCB dialing in a perfect mix. We explored a ton of alternate routes - music options, edits, picture changes, and sound effects until everything was absolutely the best. The mixes all had to be loud and powerful from beginning to end. The first spot below "The Breach" also had a catchy pop song driving the mix, and it took a lot of meticulous engineering to fit all the sound effects in there with limited dynamic range (hint: side-chain compression and multi-band compressors are my best friends). The protools session had well over 100 tracks! Everything was loud, but nothing clipped. I sound designed these spots with a combination of our own library at One Union, and a library of proprietary game sound effects provided by EA. I've always loved sound designing animation, and now the opportunity to work on giant sky explosions, medieval sword battles, magic spells, dragons - wow! The videos were all very well received by the fans, and I'm confident we did better than the best job possible promoting this highly anticipated video game.

Soy Vay: Mini-doc's about great SF food

Thu, 02 Oct 2014

I have definitely always been a fan of Soy Vay since I was a kid, so I was delighted to work with them on these short videos about local SF gourmet food. In the studio, we cleaned up the location recording, added a few subtle sound effects, and mixed with the music. It was especially fun to see my friend Leo, with whom I went to college, featured in the first video. His Jewish Delicatessen, Wise Sons was established in the Mission District in 2010. The whole series of videos lives on Soy Vay's Flavor Underground page. The other story I mixed was about a restaurant called Rice Paper Scissors.

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The X Kids

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